SHTF Economic Collapse what it REALLY looks like for Preppers and Survivalists

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SHTF, Economic Collapse, what will it realistically look like, and what should preppers and or survivalists be ready for? Is it going to be a complete collapse from government, stores, food supplies, and even our currencies? If you watch enough videos you may start to think the entire system will stop completely. That Gold, Food and Ammo will be our only currency, huge gangs will roam the streets, the military will be going from house to house. Doom and Gloom is everywhere you look, if you focus on it enough. But, is that reasonable, and or truly realistic? In this video I explain what is the most likely scenarios, and there are other examples to go by. Being a prepper does not mean it has to take over your life and that you need 10 years of food, an arsenal of weapons and ammo for the invading armies, or a bunker/fallout shelter.


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