Survival Preparedness And Bug Out Bags Discussed With A Friend

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When Neil was over to visit the other day we talked for a while about preppers, preparedness and just plain living the old ways.

Some people who call themselves preppers are gathering supplies and waiting for doomsday. Some preppers just collect weapons and talk about them in their videos. Some preppers actually use their gear on a daily basis and know what works and what does not. There is still another category of preppers who just live the life.

The name preppers for some though stirs up thoughts of gun toting people roaming the streets looking for zombies to kill. Maybe this is partially due to the movies. But it is also partially due to videos online. Videos about weapons rank very high so there are many people out there making that sort of videos.

But the old ways are slowly becoming lost. People use to all be preppers in a way. The pioneers and even our grandparents were always prepared for anything that may come. They had to be ready for wars, famine or loss of income. It was a harsher life and they had skills to survive. These skills that used to be daily life are becoming a lost art due to our very comfortable lives we live these days.

We all need to talk to our grandparents and learn about the old way of life. We should learn to live prepared.

Neil showed me his permanent truck bug out pack. He carries some equipment and supplies that can help in case of emergency or if he gets stranded on the highway. This is very important to have for every vehicle. A little pack carried in your vehicle could save lives.

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